Keeping a healthy mouth is so important to keeping your pet healthy. Pets with a healthy mouth also tend to age gracefully without senior problems that are brought on by years of progressive dental disease. 
We suggest yearly dental cleanings for pets that have tendencies to have gingivitis, plaque and calculus build up, under bites, overbites, rotated teeth and over lapping teeth. We encourage dental radiograph with every cleaning for pathology below the gums that can not be seen.  We can apply a sealant to slow down calculus build up and  fluoride to your pets teeth at a dental cleaning. 
We recommend a home care tailored to your pet. For dogs that are cooperative we recommend daily brushing and healthy dental chews that will not damage the enamel or cause tooth fracture.
For the less cooperative pet we recommend if possible daily use of a brushless enzyme tooth paste and healthy dental chews.
Pets that are difficult or pet parent time is limited we recommend a water additive, mouth rinse and dental chews.
What does a healthy mouth look like?
What does dental disease look like?
What does a root abscess look like on dental radiographs?
We do perform dental extractions and complicated dental extractions. We have all updated dental equipment such as a dental drill and digital dental radiography needed to perform these complicated extractions.