Herbal/Alternative Treatment for Pets in Alpharetta GA

This is a one year old male neutered domestic short hair. He has had chronic nasal discharge since he was a kitten. He snores, sneezes large thick yellow/grey discharge (2nd photo), claws at his nose, and has elevated third eye lids. His respiratory PCR test was positive for Calci Virus.
After 2 months of treatment, he is less congested and the sores on his nose are healing.
4 months out, his right nostril has completely healed and has only occasional discharge. The left nostil still has discharge. The snoring has stopped.
This is 5 months out. The Calci Virus will never go away, but the treatments have decreased the nasal discharge and he is not sneezing out thick yellow/green clots of nasal discharge. This cat will be a lifetime of management for chronic rhinitis, but with herbal and alternative treatment, his symptoms are less and his quality of life is much better!