Microbiome Treatment

Like humans, cats and dogs need a balanced gut microbiome. So what is the microbiome? This ecosystem, located in the pet’s digestive tract, contains billions of microbes and other microorganisms — including both desirable and undesirable bacteria unique to each pet. By using nutrition to balance the pet’s gut microbiome, you can influence the transition between acute or chronic disease and health.
So what is the microbiome, in the simplest of terms? Think of the pet’s microbiome as a mini-ecosystem that plays a significant role in balancing not only a pets’ digestive health, but their overall well-being. Just like a lawn or a garden, if you want it to flourish, you must ensure you pick plants that thrive within that unique environment.
With new insights into gut microbiome health and nutrition, we know that incorporating a dynamic blend of fiber rich ingredients, including prebiotics for dogs and cats, can both support and nourish this pre-existing gut “ecosystem” — the microbiome.
Research has long shown that a dog's or cat’s gut microbiome can have significant effects on their digestive health. But groundbreaking new science highlights the critical role a dog or cat’s gut microbiome can play in not only their response to digestive issues, but also in determining their overall well-being. Nourishing and supporting the gut microbiome, therefore, opens the door to new opportunities for digestive and cumulative health.
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