Pet Allergy Treatment Options by Our 30092 Vet at PedMedPlus

Allergies can be very uncomfortable for the pet.
What can our 30092 vet do to help determine the cause of your pets itching and how can we resolve the allergy symptoms?
We start with nutrition first. Unhealthy skin due to a poor diet reacts more to allergens. Your pet could also have an allergy to the food your are feeding. 
We then try to determine the source of your pets allergies through other diagnostics. 
We can do a skin scraping to look for mites. 
What does a mite look like under the microscope?  What does a flea look like?
What does a staphylococcal infection look like on the skin? Hyperpigmentation?
Allergy testing is an important diagnostic tool to determine your pets allergies. 
How is allergy testing done?
We take a blood sample from your pet and this is sent to an allergy testing lab for pets. It takes about 3 weeks to get the results back.
Custom allergy serum is made for your pet based on the allergy test. It can be administered at home by an oral spray or injections.  This will help to decrease your pets sensitivities to things in their environment. Skin cytology, biopsy, vitamin and mineral blood levels are also advanced testing done for those pets with extreme allergy symptoms that have not responded to treatment. 

For pets with mild seasonal allergies there are several new medications used to relieve  allergy symptoms without bad side affects. These are pets that have the occasional allergy symptom that responds well to oral and topical treatments that only need to be administered for a short period of time.

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