What Can I Expect on a Sick Pet Exam?

If your pet is sick how do we determine what is  the cause of your pet's illness?
First, we get a thorough history on your pet. 
We do a physical exam to look for things such as a fever, pain, and infection.
We evaluate what is going on inside your pet by doing tests such as a  cbc, chemistry profile, thyroid,  urinalysis,  and stool check. We have the lab equipment  to do all these test in house so we have the results in approximately  25 minutes. Some specialized test will need to be sent to an outside lab with a 24 hour or more turnaround time. 
Some of the advanced testing we offer is Vitamin B12 and D levels and Cancer biomarker blood tests. These are sent to an outside lab and will take more than a day  for results. 
We can also can do a cardiac or abdominal ultrasound. We can to ultrasound guided aspiration of the liver, spleen, masses and free fluid in the abdomen. 
Blood pressure and eye pressures are diagnostics we can perform in house. 
We have digital radiography which is less stressful and time consuming as other methods. 
We try to keep cost down and decrease time for test results  by performing as many in house diagnostics as possible.