Stem Cell Treatment

The stems cells are purchased from a company that commercially cells stem cells for dogs and horses. They have been providing stem cells for horses for many years and now offer stem cell treatment for dogs.
The company that developed these products has done so by using the same technology that has been used for years in human and equine medicine. They have derived mesenchymal stem cells and other fluid components in the amniotic sac by safely, non-invasively, and antiseptically collecting the amniotic material that is produced during the birth of healthy puppies.
This is the best in regenerative therapy and is usually a once a year treatment on most pets. Overall it is a convenient, safer, faster, and more cost effective therapy for the diseases for which we would utilize it. 
The treatment is an injection that can be either given in the are area of concern or intravenously. The pet would come in the morning and stay through the afternoon. Some may require light sedation, which is not included in the cost.
We will be offering the use of stem cell therapy for our canine patients with osteoarthritis, partial cranial cruciate ligament tears, and kidney disease. 
The cost for treatment ranges from $1600 to $2000 depending on your pet's assessment and needs.