Tips From Your 30092 Vet: How to Keep Your Cat Happy 


Want to ensure that your indoor cat is healthy and happy? These tips will get you started on the right path, and even better, they’re easy to implement.  


Keep reading to learn some simple tips from your 30092 vet on how to keep your cat happy!  


Add Vertical Space 


Cats love climbing, hiding, and becoming masters of their environment. With this in mind, add cat trees and climbable shelves around your home. Not only can this help stimulate them during the day, but they’ll also feel more confident in their environment, especially if you have dogs or other animals that they would prefer to stay away from.  


Expend Their Energy 


Cats need physical exercise as much as dogs do! With this in mind, aim to play with your cat for at least thirty minutes a day, preferably before they eat to emulate the natural behavior of hunt, kill, eat of wild cats.  


If your cat doesn’t seem interested, try using different toys, such as wand toys with feathers, toys that crinkle, or even just a plain shoestring. You’ll find that there are certain types of toys that your cat will prefer more.  


Keep the Litterbox Clean 


Ideally, you want to have a litterbox for each cat you have, plus one extra. It’s also important that you clean the litterbox at least once a day. If your cat has begun urinating or defecating outside of the box, the reason could be because they feel that it’s too dirty to use.  


You can also try different types of litter, from clumping to pine pellets to crystal, to see what your cat likes the most. If you have trouble remembering to clean up clumping litter, an automated litter box or pine pellets may be the better option.  


Schedule an Appointment With Your 30092 Vet 


It’s important that you remember to schedule yearly appointments with your vet to keep your cat healthy and happy. Even if your cat appears fine, keep in mind that cats are talented at hiding pain and illness. Your vet will be able to check them thoroughly and discover issues that can be treated early before they become critical.  


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