What are Wellness Exams?

Here at Pet Med Plus, wellness exams are the way we keep your pet healthy. 
Your wellness exam will include: a look at your pet's nutrition to make sure it is more than adequate for your pets nutritional needs.
We talk about weight.
We examine joints, legs, back and  neck  for pain, stiffness and  crepitus.  We talk about activities that may be appropriate or not for your pets 
We do an oral exam to evaluate gums and teeth and to look for pathology such as nodules, infection and pain.
We look at the ears for infection, nodules,  odor and pain.
We evaluate the skin and fur.
We evaluate the heart and lungs.
Vaccinations are important.  We recommend vaccinations appropriate for you pet's life style. For example, vaccinations needed for a dog that goes on regular hikes would not be needed for an elderly dog who stays at home. 
We discuss parasite prevention for heart worms,  fleas and intestinal parasites. 
Lab testing is a part of the wellness exam. We do a blood panel to look for problems with the organs that we physically cannot see to evaluate. We test for heart worm and check the stool for intestinal parasites.