Dr. McElroy is Proud to Be Your Dunwoody Vet at Pet Med Plus

Pet Med Plus is proud to be your source for quality veterinary care in the Dunwoody area! When your furry friend gets sick, it's important to have a veterinarian you trust taking excellent care of them in their time of need. It’s also essential that you can afford the necessary treatments to keep your pet happy and healthy!
Pet Med Plus is passionate about making quality veterinary care accessible to all animals that need it. Our team of experienced veterinary professionals are dedicated to improving and maintaining the health of your pet. Our Dunwoody vet, Dr. Donita McElroy, is committed to providing animals with high-quality veterinary procedures at an affordable price in the community. Our clinic offers animals exceptional veterinary care at an affordable cost to pet owners.
Your pet’s health and quality of life is our top priority, so we do everything to ensure that they're happy and healthy! Our team of experts go above and beyond when it comes to treating our patients. We offer a variety of services to treat any health issue your pet is experiencing. Currently, our practice offers:
• Spay & Neutering
• And more!
Not all health issues are so easily detected, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on your pet’s annual wellness checkups. If we suspect your pet is experiencing an underlying health issue, we diagnose and treat the concern before it becomes more serious. The best way to treat a health emergency is to prevent one from occurring, so be sure to bring your pet in for their regular checkup.
Our mission is to make high-quality veterinary care accessible to everyone in the Dunwoody community and beyond. Be proactive with your pet’s veterinary care. Call our Dunwoody vet to schedule your pet’s next visit. Pet Med Plus is here to help keep your pet healthy and happy, so call our office at (770) 993-7887 today!